Metalwork Recomendations? 1960 Round Nose - SF Bay Area

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    Hi, I am bringing a 1960 Ranchero back to life and am going to have to deal with quarter panel, floor pan and read wall rust. I know many of the sheet metal parts are available, but the body shop I am talking to (one man shop) is reluctant to jump into all the metal work. Prep'ing and painting are good with him, but if I had a shop who knows these cars do the rough metal replacement, I think it would go smoother and faster.

    So, any recommendations on a falcon / ranchero guy who has done this and want to take on another project (paid of course). Not trying to create a show car, but want it to be "rust free" (if that is really even possible) and something I am proud to drive.

    Open to any comments, recommendations or tips on how to deal with this.

    some pictures:



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