Metalwork Recomendations? 1960 Round Nose - SF Bay Area

Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by JonnieVee, May 16, 2019.

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    Hi, I am bringing a 1960 Ranchero back to life and am going to have to deal with quarter panel, floor pan and read wall rust. I know many of the sheet metal parts are available, but the body shop I am talking to (one man shop) is reluctant to jump into all the metal work. Prep'ing and painting are good with him, but if I had a shop who knows these cars do the rough metal replacement, I think it would go smoother and faster.

    So, any recommendations on a falcon / ranchero guy who has done this and want to take on another project (paid of course). Not trying to create a show car, but want it to be "rust free" (if that is really even possible) and something I am proud to drive.

    Open to any comments, recommendations or tips on how to deal with this.

    some pictures:


  2. Crash Test Dummy

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    Mostly surface rust? at least by your photos
    What about floor pans and under the bed behind the cab
    which your photos don't show. It is underneath that usually goes first.
    I that checks out then just prep the body and paint!

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