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    Danville,VT left NJ forever
    I converted my foot operated washer to a wiper switch operated one.
    I went on line through Ebay and found a washer pump from the site "modifymymustang" out of
    Youngsville, NC
    They shipped it fairly quickly and was installed in about 3 weeks of receiving it.
    Activated the pump and I heard the biggest squeal coming from it.
    I used Ebay ( as I should) to contact "modifymymustang" and they were slow to respond (took over 30 days) but they did and were asking me all kind of questions about what it was doing.
    "modifymymustang"said that they were in contact with the manufacture
    556 Coralridge
    Place City of Industry, CA 91746.

    And this is the message they got from ACP ( which was relayed to me) when I asked for a shipping label:
    Since the pump is not broke ACP will not issue you a ( shipping ) label. They are willing to take it, examine it and send another though.
    So the bottom line is I had to ship it to CA at my expense so they could find out it was bad.
    But they did send me another one minus shipping reimbursement.
    Moral: another vendor I won't use!
    And I probably wont use ACP parts if I can help it

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