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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rockin Ranch Arrow, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. Rockin Ranch Arrow

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    A 1965 GTO was displayed last Friday at the Back to the Fifties Show, Grants Pass, Oregon
  2. Lowrider

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    Kingman AZ.
    Sweet. 1st two years of the G T O are my favorites.
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  3. Rockin Ranch Arrow

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    I agree with you on that. It was the car I always wanted in High School(class of 64), but at 18 it wasn't going to happen. My 56 Ford Two Door Ranch Wagon I purchased for $125 hard earned dollars still got me by. The RW wasn't a chic magnet per se, but it was better than walking. As I was working in my father's business and had a 1964 Ranchero to drive, the Ranch Wagon was sold to another young High School guy. Then life reared its ugly head and dreams vanished until about 1998, when an add appeared in one of the local free throwaway papers. Listed was a 65 GTO for sale in Nevada. I got permission from my immediate supervisor and got my brother in law and off we went. Of course we did the usual tire kicking until the seller fired it up. It hit me, now or never, so I gave him all the money in my wallet, about $40 bucks to hold it. He did and two weeks later after borrowing a car trailer and getting a loan, the Goat came home. That was the beginning of a wonderful adventure over the next 20 plus years. Finally the goat was done and my dream became a reality. In the years following I put her in some local car shows and she has done pretty good, but most of all I have enjoyed talking to people about the car and driving her. However, after all these years, she still has the need to open up and get down the road, which I try to appease her after checking the road, the traffic, etc. About the only non upgrade she has is the under dash 8 track player. As the song by Ronny and The Daytona's goes, three dueces, a four speed and a 389, says it all.
    Glad you like the Goat!
    Now the 6T4 Rockin Ranch Arrow is taking up most of my between honey do time. The RRA also brings back many good memories of that "innocent" time in my life.
  4. Clark

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    Brighton, Colorado
    Little GTO
    You're really lookin' fine
    Three deuces and a four-speed
    And a three-eighty-nine
    Listen to her tachin' up now
    Listen to her whine
    C'mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out, GTO!
  5. plumcolr

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    Freehold NJ
    Will getcha in a whole lot less trouble than wimmin.

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