need printed circuit board for 69 without oem tach

Discussion in 'Ranchero Parts Wanted' started by paxpwr, Mar 20, 2022.

  1. paxpwr

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    printed circuitboard for 69 dash instrument cluster WITH OUT FACTORY TACH. I have enough parts to build several gauge clusters but some little something wrong in the circuits, gas gauge, dim lights ,ect. Question ?? why would someone go to the trouble and expense to have the circuit boards repopped for only the units with factory installed tach?? Why repop something for a very limited demand??
  2. mark brooks

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    Hello,they now repop dash ribbons for non tach dashes for 68-69 they are on e-bay.
  3. PonyExpressRider

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    Sutherlin, OR
    I believe if you search the posts, there are repops on here that do not include the tach. I sent pictures of mine so they could make the ones with tachs. Might have to go back a ways.
  4. Jeff B.

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    Anacortes, WA
    Search member Andrewok1’s posts for all manner of dash printed circuits. I got one for my 1974 performance cluster and am very happy with it.

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