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    Bought a 1964 Ranchero a few years back and am finally giving it a decent once over to make it a good driver. Here is a before pic - it was a poor paint job - thick. It will not look like this after. It will be solid Ford Candy Apple Red. I figure she deserves a bit of fixing up after 53 years.


    The "after" will have the following - if everything goes correctly. 289 already in it when bought, not original - obviously since it came with a 260 new
    1) Bed mounted aluminum fuel cell with filler- I cannot allow gasoline to spew on my new paint. Will have braided steel line when done. Already purchased in shiny red aluminum
    2) Probably steelies with moons on it - haven't purchased yet - will likely need advice - wheel width, tire width, backspacing.....etc.....99.999% certain steelies with moons on it
    3) Will get new bumpers - front and rear. Too pitted and dented to rechrome and I want shiny - I know the usual suspects to buy - are there cheaper chrome bumper options out there?
    4) New emblems, wiper arms, wiper blades, general stuff.
    5) Spray/roll in bedliner.

    I didn't intend to purchase the truck a few years ago. I was looking for a K5 or Bronco and saw this on Craigslist. Went to look at it. There had been several guys that had come by to see it. Some "needed to think about it" another needed to get the money up. I said I can give you $XXX dollars first thing after the bank opens Monday morning if the other guys don't purchase(I think I paid $3,800). Gave the guy my number and didn't expect to hear back. He called Sunday night and asked if I was still interested so the next morning this baby was mine. Hardly a K5 or Bronco.

    I've driven it a few years. Mechanically pretty sound. I did have the fuel gushing from the fuel tank issue - mainly because I was unaware of the flaw in the truck's fuel venting system. So, bed mounted fuel cell it is.

    Hopefully, this turns out OK. I figure it will turn out wonderfully or be a disaster.

    It does grab attention and usually, even with the thick paint, I get offers to purchase in gas stations.

    Anyway. It will be a long labor of love where I will be at times excited about progress and at other times frustrated and wanting to push it off a cliff. Wish me luck. There may not be after pics for a while. This will be a long journey.
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    Welcome to the site! This is a great place to get all the help you need. best of luck on fixing it up
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    Welcome to the site!lots of knowledge here!

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