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Discussion in 'New Member Welcome Center' started by Rancherous, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. handy_andy_cv64

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    Seguin, TX
    Considering Europe's closeness, not all that weird. A 1973 Ranchero in Europe, now that's weird. Cool, but weird.
  2. Betty the Ranchero

    Betty the Ranchero In First Gear

    The expanse of Europe and States is nearly the same. From here, where i live to my Dad is nearly 1k miles. Also to geneve, switzerland. And from geneve to vienna the same
    G-A-Ch Bermuda-Triangle. lol.
    But Europe is not only Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you know..!
    Found the Ranchero while we made holiday a year ago in california. The owner wanted to press ist, so for 1,5k we bought. But shipping, customs, TAXES, german TÜV approval etc... increased the price to 8k.
  3. Kiwirancher

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    Gisborne , New Zealand .
    Yeah , I can relate to that . My 66 cost me $14,450 usd , then $9000.00 nzd to get it here and customs cleared. A bit more for compliance inspection , warrant of fitness and rego and it added up to around $30,000 nzd legal and on the road . Still very happy with that, that was in 2015. Still being driven daily and going strong !
  4. Betty the Ranchero

    Betty the Ranchero In First Gear

    :DWhat a price at all. So we were lucky. What i couldn‘t understand is that the per owner wanted to press this beauty. 6635A876-6A4F-4AE2-A6C1-A625BD1CB0AA.jpeg

    As you can see the engine looks good, the best, it was completely functionally:

    Okay, we need to do a lot, but she‘s running and we can cruise with.

    In the wintertime here, your summer:), we want to begin with the restoration. We‘ll keep her as original as we can do.
    New painting in that green after we did all works on the body. New fabric roof and the interior must also be completely redone. There is no interior cladding on the Top inside. you can only see sheet metal, the door sides look, nah, okay but we need to restore too.
    But will keep the winter-blues away:D
  5. Ryan Rivera

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    Wuz up everyone brand new here i recently just brought a 1979 Ford Ranchero GT as a project car to do with my 7yr old son create memories. As far with Rancheros its definitely one of my top favorite muscle cars. So anyways im im starting from the bottom with this project so please any advice would greatly be accepted and appreciated im also looking for parts, as of now im needing of floor panels so any advice about that would be appreciated. Thanks
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  6. Freestyle Don

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    Welcome Ryan!
  7. LSChero

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    Area 6 NV
    Welcome to the site Ryan!Search LTDII,cougar,montego and t-bird as well when looking for parts.Patch panels for floors are avalaible,not sure on full floor pans.Good luck with build!
  8. EvilScientistMoose

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    Central Oregon
    I will not let this thread die!

    (Throws a child's inflatable ring at the thread in an attempt to keep it afloat, only notices afterward that I forgot to put air in it)
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