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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by 2Stangs, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Queen Creek, AZ
    Howdy all, just wanted to introduce myself, name's Ben, live in Queen Creek, currently work as a software engineer for Intel, in previous lifetimes I've done everything from commercial electrical work to turning wrenches as a line tech and fabricator at a local performance shop. I've always been a straight-liner, currently daily driver a Grabber Blue '12 Mustang GT and have had a Mustang (or two or three) of one sort or another since I was 17.

    I just bought this red '78 Ranchero off Craigslist, no rust, straight car, EFI 5.0L out of a Town Car, AOD, not sure where the bucket seats came from, has shaved door handles that work but I don't like and might go find some other doors w/ handles. Otherwise pretty typical AZ truck.

    First steps are get it cleaned up and running right, apparently it sat for a few years but the 5.0l fired right up with some good gas and a battery, needs tires, going to throw a constant pressure valve body and bigger OD servo in the AOD, and then drive it for a while before I get silly and redo the motor with H/C/I. Heck this thing's got enough room in the engine bay I may throw a turbo at it, that would be pretty funny.

    Anyway, hope to spend some more time here, and I'll be needing help getting the a/c control panel working right, sounds like it's got a vacuum leak and doesn't seem to get any power to the blower motor.

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    near Jackson, TN
    Welcome, Ben. Glad to have you here.:D
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    Welcome to the site! Glad to see a fellow 78 ranchero on the site.
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    Welcome Looks like a solid car.

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