Over-heating will be defeated

Discussion in 'The Stable' started by RancheroRandy, Jun 4, 2019.

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    Make sure you relieve the pressure first ;).
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    Thing is, regardless of which fan or fans you have, an engine will always exceed the coolant thermostat's rating; it's very common for older engines to reach 200-205 in operation. It's all balanced by the amount of heat the rad's shedding, so unless your system's popping its cork, you're not really having a problem at that temp. Now, 230-240 or more, yeah, that's a big problem. So set it for 185, and if it exceeds 205, then there's something to chase down.
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    I gave up trying to use the thermo temp switch after 3 different ones 2 Summit (Summit sent me another no questions asked) and 1 Derale, 3 slightly different wiring schematics (one hand drawn by guy at Derale) so the fan runs all the time the ignition is on. Pretty screwy but at least the fan works great and does keep the temperature down. Something must be wrong in the relay since I've tried all different ways (there aren't that many) wiring it. After completely draining the radiator when I moved it then partially draining it 4 times that's enough!

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