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    As you may have heard in the news, the Portland, OR area has a lot of looney leftists who are trying to be “militant”. They are feeling threatened by the free speech of other people (which they term “hate speech”) and equate it to violence against themselves, which they then feel gives them the right to use clubs, rocks and bottles to beat up people who disagree with them.

    Lately, local conservatives have been upping the pressure on these looneys, and a number of the looneys have been “up-gunning” from sticks and stones to, well, guns.

    As alarming as this might seem, it’s not quite time to panic, since they have been amazingly inept at transitioning to firearms. I suppose it’s only normal after decades of preaching that “ordinary citizens don’t need guns”, that they would have a serious deficit in institutional experience with firearms.

    That lack of experience played out in a rather tragi-comedic fashion last night...

    I was doing my police reserve duty, on the 10PM-8AM shift, when we got a call to “assist the citizen” with a problem with a loaded gun. This isn’t a routine sort of call we get, so I asked for backup to meet us there. On the way, dispatch updated us with more details...

    It turns out that the problem was that the “citizen” had obtained a revolver, loaded it, and cocked the hammer and was now unable to “un-cock” (decock) it. I asked dispatch to have him place the revolver on the floor and move away from it. There was a pause as he relayed the information and then he came back with:

    “He says that an article he read on the Internet said to hold the hammer back and pull the hammer and then ease the hammer down - he says that he’s done that but is afraid to let go of the hammer.”

    OK, so now we have a loaded, cocked revolver with some neophyte’s finger in the trigger and his thumb holding the hammer back. What could possibly go wrong?

    What, indeed! We were a few blocks away when dispatch came on the radio and said:

    “The dispatcher on the phone with the guy says she heard a loud noise and a lot of swearing and then the call dropped. I’ve dispatched fire and medical.”

    Oh, great!

    We got there and found the door unlocked, so we made a tactical entry and found the “citizen” on the floor of the apartment kitchen, holding his left knee and moaning.

    And bleeding.

    A lot.

    I got a tourniquet on his left thigh and stopped the bleeding just before the paramedics arrived to whisk him off to the ER, where I got to sit (and chat with my colleagues) while they got him x-rayed and prepped for surgery.

    Eventually, it came out that his thumb got tired and the hammer slipped. He had been resting the muzzle on the inside of his left knee, to stabilize it, so the bullet ended up blowing his knee joint to pieces.

    Part of the reason for the extensive damage was his choice of revolver - a Ruger Redhawk. Yep, and it was loaded with .44 Magnum soft points, so the bullet expanded well.

    He had been arrested a few months ago at an ANTIFA “counter-demonstration” and was waiting trial on assault charges, so he wasn’t a felon in possession just yet. But maybe in a few months...

    Here he was planning to put the “hurt” on conservatives who dared to disagree with his political opinions and only managed to give himself a permanent limp. So far, the armed looney left is more of a danger to themselves, so we can all rest easy, for now.
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    That was a good story, I enjoyed it. Thank you.

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