POR 15 engine paint?

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    I was wondering if anyone has used the POR 15 engine paint products and if so, did they perform as advertised? In the past I have had headers and intake manifolds ceramic coated with great success, and have had stuff powder coated as well. The problem I have now is my coating guy sold his business and there are no reliable places close to me to have the powder coating or ceramic coating done so I am looking at possible alternatives. In the past I have used POR 15 on my body work, suspension parts, bumper brackets, frame rails, etc. with fairly good results. I have seen mixed reviews on the engine coatings however.

    I would like to hear from folks who have used POR 15 engine products and whether or not they would recommend using them, or should I look elsewhere.

    Yes, I know that powder coating or ceramic coating my intake would be preferred and much more durable and would certainly go that route if I cannot find a suitable alternative.

    Thanks in advance
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    i have used the exhaust manifold paint from them seems to hold up well

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