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    Afternoon all,posted a thread last week about my leaking power steering,has anyone switched to the conversion kit?it eliminates the cylinder,control valves?trying to do the right thing ,has anyone swapped out to the conversion kit? Thanks
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    central CT
    No conversion for me, just replaced all the leaky parts. Just the ram support mount needed to be "beefed up", everything else is good now.
  3. davis

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    i rebuilt my control valve and got a new ram. And also replaced the boot. The $5 boot is probably the most important as it protects the ram from road debris nicks which makes the seals leak. Also, get the good power steering valve hoses. i looked at the Borgeson conversion kit, but it requires new steering column shaft etc. etc. i think someone here did the hydro steering setup. that route requires a diff. brake booster set up as well.
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    No, but I looked at it. As far as I see it is a bolt on box, add the P/s lines and shorten the steering column

    As per the site:
    1966-1970 Ford Falcon & Ranchero
    Borgeson offers an integral power steering conversion for your 1964-1977 Ford mid size. The Borgeson conversion box is a new manufactured modern integral power steering gearbox. The Borgeson integral power steering gearbox provides true modern power steering feel, feedback and a quick 14:1 ratio. Borgeson has manufactured this box to bolt directly to the factory mounting location and to fit the stock pitman arm. The column will need to be collapsed or shortened for clearance of conversion box. (Details below)

    Cars with factory Bendix style power steering will require either manual steering linkage or a drag link adapter.

    Stock column shif
    t cars have variations throughout the years. We have not done in house fitting on column shift cars. Installations have been completed using our #312500 coupler. This fits within the column tube and may leave room for the factory shift linkage.

    1964-1967 floor shift applications, you will need to trim away the outer column tube and cut off the inner steering column shaft. The column shaft will need to be ground into a DD profile to connect to rag joint #052549.

    1968-1977 floor shift applications, you will need to trim away the outer column tube. The inner steering column shaft with rag joint flange will then collapse in on itself for clearance. Attach the shortened column to the box with half rag joint part #990016.

    This conversion box will fit the following years and models:
    •1964–1970 Ford Fairlane
    •1966–1970 Ford Falcon**
    •1966–1970 Ford Ranchero & Falcon Ranchero
    •1968–1971 Ford Torino & Gran Torino
    •1970–1977 Ford Maverick
    Box will also fit Mercury vehicles sharing the same platform.
    **1960-1965 Falcons use either our #800110 or #800111 call for details.
  5. grebaba

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    I converted my 71 to the Borgeson unit.
    My engine was out so it was a easy installation. I also bought a tilt steering column and it was a pain to install because of the under dash mount. I wound up welding some nuts on the column so I could use the stock mount.
    Overall I would say the conversion was an easy one after I figured out what to do to the mount.

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