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Discussion in 'Ranchero History' started by Sophie948, Aug 18, 2016.

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    The American automotive industry did a pretty well-publicized crash-and-burn in the 70's due to really lousy quality assurance. Which leads me to my question: Was the quality assurance on Rancheros made in the 70's lousy?

    [I drive a '65. Quality assurance seems to have been good, but some of the design is absurd. Make it as well as you can, and that front cowl and that smuggler's box are still going to rust out over time.]
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    Recall the gas crisis and the lines for fuel in the early 70's ? Budding emission laws spreading like the plague ? Insurance companys were badgering the automakers to end the horsepower wars that peaked in 1971. Having to deal with the people turning a blind eye to your huge gas guzzling but comfortable cars then watching the customers buy rice rockets dumped on our markets thanks to shady trade deals made by corrupt politicans just had to hurt our car manufactures. Remember the Union strikes ? Plenty other funky reasons why quality was on a back burner but most were the result of govt. meddling. Paint was dismally crummy as were measures to prevent rust back then. We were the test mules for the first robotic painters and that glorious water based paint too. Most people back then still had a job - - You were expected to trade off your obsolete car every few years to keep the economy going and stay in debt to the lenders forever. Even if the govt. had to destroy the roads and bridges along with your car by over salting the roads every winter. Add in the plastics used in that era. Nice stuff, made as cheap as possible diluted with clay to make it go further but also let's it dry out and crack like the Mohavie desert floor. Am I missing any other fine points about the quality stuff we lovingly restore Sophie ? I have to wonder about my own sanity because I too still like cars from that era even though I know about the obvious faults those cars had built into them. At least you could tell one brand from another at a glance back then.

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    And the cars back then came in colors other than black, silver and white with two tone grey interiors.
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    Cars were designed, built and manufactured to last 5 years back then.
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    That's why the odometer only went to 100000 you were looking at a engine rebuild by then. 75000 was a high mile car
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