Ranchero gurus, tell me about dash lighting.

Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by Tygr1, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. cbolt

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    Palm Coast, FL
    John, did your new radio have a lighting lead? Could be you disconnect the radio lighting lead and see what happens. Grab a box of fuses and start disconnecting things until they stop blowing. It sounds like something is dead shorted, and from my experience always start with the last thing you touched and work backwards.
  2. John Roman

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    Woodland, California
    I know I didn't tap into any lighting wires, I used the old radio power supply. I only screwed up with the constant power supply and fixed that. But cbolt you have something with the radio light. There is no light on the new radio but my old stock one did. Maybe it's shorting out. I will have to check that this weekend.
  3. handy_andy_cv64

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    That could do it, or have it *ahem* "accidentally" connected to the power antenna lead....

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