ranchero: male or female?

Discussion in 'Ranchero History' started by victoria, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. victoria

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    So I'm curious. It seems I see many people refer to rancheros as "she" but it's got a masculine ending "o" and if it means ranch hand I was inclined to think of it as a "he". What's the story?
  2. burninbush

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    A case of sexism in advertising, probably. The women didn't do ranch work, at least in the stories. As for these folk on this board, they probably think of the car as a type of boat.

    Note, some of them were also 'squires', nevermind that's from a completely different culture than a ranchero.

    I doubt that many Rancheros were actually used as work vehicles. They were portrayed in ads as the sort of classy semi-pickup with whitewall tires and hubcaps that the ranch owner might use to go to town on Saturday night. I suspect that most of them served as a sort of country version of a sports car.

    Best not to delve too deeply into the advertising -- it's just a modified station wagon.
  3. victoria

    victoria Guest

    I'm just trying to figure out whether to give mine a boy's or a girl's name.... :D
  4. Marauder359

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    You have a Ranchero. If you had a human would you insist on naming it a boy because it ends in man? ;)

    Nah, you just have to name it according to your relationship with it. Sometimes it's a buddy thing, sometimes a relationship with a car is a romance... Sometimes it's brotherly love... it just all depends. Go with your gut.

    What's the worst that can happen? You get a transsexual car?
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  5. victoria

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    OK, so maybe I'll just call it Pat, like the Saturday Night LIve character of ambiguous sexuality. I was more curious than serious...
  6. sarah

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    Victoria as the guys will tell you here....they call theirs a she... My RED I call my bad boy.... RED has way too much testosterone to be a girl :D :D I've never been able to see RED as a she.... The hubby also agrees...he said its to arnery to be a girl..... :D
  7. pdw72

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    Check under the car near the rear axle :D

    For me, names just stick, my 79f150(avatar) was called blue, but he was also a work horse. My 88delta 88 was called black, black beauty and finally the bruise(black car with blue hood and gray fender). The chero hasn't got a name yet but it hasn't got it'd own personality yet.

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  8. victoria

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    Maybe mine will be the terminator for its effect on my bank account!
  9. hmm all my cars have had genders and names as far back as i can remember....mostly she's ..but my 'chero is def a guy... big..bruiser ..bad footwork..but packs a mean punch and a big heart...hence..."Rocky"
  10. CJ Guy

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    Having a nautical background and cars are like women, seems natural, call my 72 "Hunnie", she wants to meet "Big Red"... :D
  11. Dan the ranchero man

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    One of the spanish ladys I work with told me that in spanish Ranchero means "old farmer". take it for what it is worth. The only car I have named so far is my 96 roadmaster wagon (rolling sofa). The rancheros I will just refer to them by thier color (74 the blue one or the 79 the red one) I don't consider that thier names and it is not real original just functional.
  12. As Is '66

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  13. victoria

    victoria Guest

    Hmmm... Morris has a nice ring but it reminds me of the British Morris Minor, quite a different sort of beast. This is clearly a question that requires deep consideration. Maybe I'll call it Lyle, cause I Lovett!
    Thanks all! [​IMG]
  14. Torkair

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    I called my 72 "the Beast" just cause it was so awsome! I call the 79 julia, dont know why those names came to mind, but they're gonna stick. As for the mustang, that one is julia's BF, so ya. I know, I'm weird
  15. As Is '66

    As Is '66 2 Wheeled Mod Staff Member

    Southwest Georgia
    Vickie,why don`t ya bring th truck down in Oct. to th roundup and we can all help you decide on th name, when we can all see it and feel its personality...
    [​IMG] Just tryin to help... [​IMG]
  16. victoria

    victoria Guest

    Hey, I'd love to if I can get off work and make it that far in it! Are you in Plains? I visited there once.
  17. It's a vehicle. If you must anthropomorphize it, you have free reign to designate it's gender. Mine is called Charlie Brown but I don't consider it a man or a woman, or both. It's a 1973 Ranchero. When it knocks on the door in the winter asking to come inside and warm up, then I will reconsider my position. Of course, if that happens I'll probably need to be fitted for a straight jacket.
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  18. desertdale

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    Mines called Blue, she's a typical lady, good to look at, reliable, causes other males to snap their necks and has a devastating impact on my bank balance..............
    Sorry Girls..... :D :D :D
    Go for what you feel is right.........
    Oh, and Welcome to the Worldwide community of Ranchero.US....
  19. Neither, it's a vehicle.....
  20. rayell

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    When I am working on mine, I call it a lot of names. Not printable here. :( :(


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