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Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by paxpwr, May 26, 2020.

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    My 69 has something draining the battery while driving. I can charge the battery, drive 2/3 days around town, then need a jump. New: (within last 6 weeks) Battery, voltage reg, alternator, ignition switch, coil and starter. Had battery and alternator checked, battery 13.7. Last alternator new not reblt. ( this is nr 6). Distributor and box from 79. It can sit several days and start great but driving drains it. Have checked all grounds. It will go dead when removing battery cable. Closest auto elect shop is over 45 mi. but may have to chance it. The engine is a 63, 427 top oiler, modified. Runs great but for the battery drain. ANY help, suggestions / advice greatly appreciated as I am about ready for the dynamite. My patience has about gone with the rest of my 85 year old body
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    Alt and or voltage regulator not working and or wired properly
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    So when its running, you pull the battery cable and it shuts off? both my old cars run without the battery hooked up after it has been started. Whats the voltage at the battery terminals when it is running and the alternator is hooked up vs voltage at the battery terminals when it is shut off? should be higher voltage when it is running.
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    My 67 had the seat belt light relay stuck "on" (mind you, the bulb was bad) and would kill the battery in a day or two. If the battery is dying when NOT connected, said battery is no good. You need to bring it to someone who is capable of chasing electrical gremlins and just get it fixed.
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    Oooh, don't tempt me, I'm a glutton for punishment....:D

    Yeah, if it's not charging while the engine's running, it's likely a wiring problem, or improper belt tension, although I can't see that allowing zero charging. I mean, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. So, first, when the engine is idling, what does a voltmeter show at the terminals, and then what does it show while driving? The spec is 13.5-14.5 volts KOER, at idle. Do you have an ammeter, and is the wiring properly hooked up at the shunt, no wires overheated, no wires accidentally disconnected? Do a visual search at that point. Even if the ammeter itself is disconnected, the shunt still allows battery charging.
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    Do you have an electric fan on the radiator?

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