Stiff ignition switch

Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by Der Flieger, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Der Flieger

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    The switch on my 73 is getting stiff, maybe due to cold weather. Is there a preferred lubricant and place to squirt it?
  2. The Executive

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    well that would depend on if you had the time to do it the right way or not, ideally you'd want to pull the steering wheel and lock tumbler and turn signal switch assembly, clean it out with parts cleaner, let it dry and replace lubricant with lithium grease paste. more than likely this is going to be the area your having problems with in relation to stickiness. If that doesn't solve it then it might be the switch itself on the side or lower right side of the column. Most if not all of the internal mechanical components will utilize a form of lithium grease paste, essentially silicone grease, anything else like electrical connections you'll want to use dielectric grease.
  3. handy_andy_cv64

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    Everett, WA
    That would be for the lock and actuator assembly; the electrical switch itself could be the culprit also, so if you remove the cluster, then remove the two nuts to lift the switch off the actuator rod, you can then turn the lock tumbler, see if it still moves stiffly. If it doesn't, then a new ignition electrical switch would be a good idea.

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