Strut rod adjustment instructions?

Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by Truckpoor, Mar 9, 2019.

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    Although I have some information, I do not have specific instructions on how the strut rods are adjusted and the lock nut set. My strut rods have two nuts on the front, one being a castellated nut with a cotter key. Mine are a stepped size thread with the locking nut being threaded smaller than the main rod nut. This indicates that there is not supposed to be a lot of adjustment on the rod. At least, that is my take on the situation. However, I bought a new strut rod made for a regular Fairlane, which does not have this type of stepped configuration. The new rod also is slightly shorter, and both nuts are the same size. I had some trouble finding a new strut rod and bought one from Macs at a guess as to whether it fit or not as one was not shown for 69 Ranchero. Any information or suggestions on reading material to help with my dilemma would be helpful and appreciated.

    On another subject, I've bought new springs for the rear of my Ranchero, but of course getting the old springs off has turned in to a pain. Mainly the two eye bolts at the front of the spring ae the problem, and apparently the steel bushing inside the rubber bushing has rusted solid to the eye bolt.It looks to me as if the only option to removing the springs is to cut the spring off close to the eye bolt and then rotate what is left and cut it into two pieces and try to get it off that way, that is if it will come loose from the rubber bushing. May have to burn the bushing off. Don't want to do that but may be the easiest option. Any suggestions, or better way to do this?

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