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    40 sw is a great compromise between the 9mm popcorn hi cap round and the 45 heavy hitter lo cap round. I like the round
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    Yeah. here in Contra Costa County getting a CCW is like an act of God; they are VERY picky about who (If anyone) gets one. Im hoping my move north next spring will help me in that arena. -Cin
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    LOL, you'd need an overcoat to "conceal" one. To answer ribald1, I understand your clearing method but what I was afraid of was in a stressful situation I didn't want to be messing with fouled cartridges which probably wouldn't happen with a decent piece and ammo. Now that I have become more "skilled" (that's laughable) with just my left arm/hand (though I'm right side dominant) I have been thinking of getting another 1911. I'll need to find one that has a squared off rear sight (most are ramped) so I can use it for chambering, i.e. to push against on something. I have seen these little devices for one hand chambering at gun shows but they didn't impress me...
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    It's been a while since I fled Kalifornistan, but back then it was up to the county sheriff as to whether a concealed carry permit would be issued - a "may issue" state. And in the county I lived in (Tuolumne - a rural gold country county) at that time any woman who applied would get a permit. Men not so much.

    Regarding when to shoot: I figure that if I'm even thinking about whether it's an allowable shoot I'm not doing it. I'm only gonna shoot someone if the situation is so dire that I don't give a damn about what the law is. I'd rather be a convict than a law-abiding corpse.

    If I were in Oakland, though, Ribald1, debates about caliber would be irrelevant. I'd go for hand grenades.

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