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    20220501_165752 (Custom).jpg
    you can see the right side blocking plate...I believe its possible a thunderbird unit will fit inside this
    box if this plate is removed but don't quote me on it.

    20220501_165834 (Custom).jpg
    touched up the evap box before putting the pipes through.....

    20220507_163038 (Custom).jpg
    new heater hose vacuum valve....they are still available new, should probably have gotten the electronic one but I've already added so
    much wiring to this thing.........

    20220507_163047 (Custom).jpg
    added a couple of these polished clamp fittings to spice up the firewall opening a bit......they aren't cheap but they are well made....

    20220507_163121 (Custom).jpg
    need to sort out this rats nest and get a few shots of the vacuum motor I modified for the heater flapper door.....lots of matching
    part numbers but couldnt find one with the exact arm length so I got a longer one and drilled a mounting hole and it works great
    so far....didn't get any shots outside the car but will get one of it installed...just need a bit more time. Cheers everyone.
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    Nice work as always Huevos...

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