Tramp's Interior, Before and After!

Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by MaryT, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Not to toss the only sour monkey around, but what was so wrong with the ginger interior it started with? I don't mean the condition of it, I mean the design. Redone like original it would have looked very nice. Can't say I'm a fan of the tiger stripes or the color scheme, especially on a classic ride like a Ranchero...

    Now that I have sounded like Maxine, (sorry about that), the work you do is definitely top notch. Don't mean to be a wet blanket. Just because I don't like it as much as the original doesn't mean I don't appreciate the fine work and effort.
  2. MaryT

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    So HR, why is the phone out to get you the last few days?

    I don't think they'd want me for one of their pimping shows! Compared to some of the stuff that they've done, I'm too normal! If it had a title like...."Make my ride slightly more interesting", that I could do! :D

    Dan: Like you said, one man's trash...kinda depends on how long ago it was too. All that retro stuff has been coming back to haunt us! Personally, I would have let the trashman take it!
  3. hmm i think mostly because i just came back from vacation... the laser phone guy is out...all the national tech guys are its just me and the main manager servicing 12 states....(primal scream of frustration) :D

    how about "Mary Tastefully Pimps My Ride" i mean some of the stuff they do on that show goes beyond silly.. ..a cotton candy machine??? flavored oxygen... ...yikes.. id be more impressed if they installed a hair dryer on the intake and called it a blower...
  4. MaryT

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    HR: Yep, some of their stuff is just tacky. Saw one episode where they put a little slot machine on the passenger side dash. Just stupid. Don't get it.

    FF: Lady was my "restore to original" project, and she came out nice. Now, what fun would it be for me to have two cars restored to original?? [​IMG] Lady gave me so many more original parts that weren't crap. Tramp was a disaster from day one, and I decided that he would be my creation [​IMG]

    The tiger stripes are a remembrance for my mom, who absolutely loved white tigers. Figured she'd like it [​IMG]
  5. Remember, I never said it was a stupid thing to do. Just that I personally would have done it differently. Never took a shot at you or your skills, of course. Ship Horst that mirror already!!
  6. MaryT

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    Oh hell, mirror, remember....Germany....6 kids home on summer it...hopefully [​IMG]
  7. MaryT

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    Started working on the mirror yesterday. The rubber grommet that connects to the door is in really good shape so it won't give. The plan is to try to shove it through today, but my little goat got out of his pen again (we've done that pen 6 times so far) and if I"m working on a car, he's ON TOP OF the car, and that is just not good! So I have to wait to redo his pen again this morning. We're almost to the point of getting rid of him because we just can't seem to outsmart the little guy. Kinda sad, isn't it?

    But I AM working on the mirror! And I remembered! :D
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    Hey Mary, I think it looks very nice. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the holder. Or is that beholder.....
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    Southwest Georgia
    Just one goat,Mary? Thats why it`s gettin out,no one to play with...wannanotherone?
    I had to put mine on a chain with a collar once,to keep it in...They don`t wanna be tied down so they stay in now...

    edit; OOPS!!! I thought I done told ya...Ya done Good!!!
    Keep up th great work Girl!!!
    I went back over this topic and seen I ain`t commented,sorry...

    [ June 13, 2007, 08:48 PM: Message edited by: As Is '66 ]
  10. MaryT

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    My last big goat died a couple of months ago, his name was Henry. Guido the little goat was Henry's playmate, but...Henry didn't see it that way! Big goat, big horns...little goat, no horns...was NOT good for Guido!

    I'm not sure if my new idea on the old pen will work. I do know that I reinjured my rotator cuff doing it. It will be fine in a few days, and I won't do anything that stupid for awhile.

    I can't wait til I can get the passenger panel fixed or replaced so I can see what they both look like together! And then get the seat in and the black cover! Yummy! Of course I"ll take pics, they go in his scrapbook anyway [​IMG]

    Thanks for the compliments and comments [​IMG] I know he's a little "wild" and not for some, but I wanted him to be way different than stock [​IMG]
  11. trikar

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    San Bernardino Mountains
    We had a couple of goats as kids, and they were always getting out, that's why we had to get rid of them. Real escape artist!

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  12. My buddy with the purple Pontiac Catalina has white angle hair headliner, rear deck & door panels and his old car a '60 Impala had Leopard skin carpet-right up my alley MaryT, love it
  13. MaryT

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    I could see the long white hairy stuff in a purple car. It just "goes" [​IMG] And leopard in an Impala? Yep, that fits too! Now we have tiger in a Ranchero [​IMG] Not sure how much tiger I'm going to end up with, but at least it will be memorable! :D

    HR: Doing better yet?
  14. well the laser guy came back from vacation so yep.. its gotten somewhat better...main guy is taking off its just me and the laser guy..woo woo!! (deep sigh) thats okay...the weekend is almost here...i just cut my back yard... and i have gigs Sat and Sun i can sing... so..i guess its all good.... thanx for asking tho.. :D
  15. MaryT

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    Happy you're feeling better [​IMG]

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