Tramp's Story Begins :)

Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by MaryT, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. MaryT

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    Seriously! That El has more rust problems than Tramp! And in more places too!

    But they do look nice all lined up like that, don't they [​IMG]
  2. trikar

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    San Bernardino Mountains
  3. Bah! Gotta keep the chrome chrome, that's part of the personality.
  4. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    I still don't understand why anyone would paint over all the beautiful chrome!

    Love the dark tinted windows and the white paint combo, but it looks like a ghost :D
  5. The 73 I had so many moons ago was tinted on the windows but not the windshield. I agree it's a cool look. And yes, the chrome was chrome. The interior was black and it was a really nice looking truck. But the frame rusted in half and pop blew the engine. Goodbye 73.
  6. As Is '66

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    MaryT I`m glad to see th fuzzy is gone...
  7. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    Yes! Fuzz free Photos!
  8. Petey

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    Mary, first off, I ain't pickin' on you. Something doesn't jive with that being a 72 engine. That spread-bore intake didn't come along untill 75 or 76. Was there another intake with equal size holes under the carb in that parts pile ? 72 didn't have the EGR valve and plate under the carb. The older intake let's you use the more common and cheaper carbs. Unfortunatly, block casting numbers won't tell you what year a 429 or 460 was built. Going under the asumption that the heads have never been removed, the part numbers on them can get you closer to what year it really was built. The head numbers are located below the bottom edge of the valve covers about half way down the side of the head above the exhaust ports. Tell us those numbers. 1973 and newer engines will have numbers starting with D3. 1972 will be D2. 1970 and 1971 have D0. 1969 will have C9. This still won't tell you if it's a 429 or 460. You would have to pull the oil pan and measure the distance the crank moves the piston rods. If the engine was still out and separated from the trans, you can tell them apart by the size hole in the rear of the crank where the pilot bearing for a manual trans would go. Little hole is a 460, big hole is a 429. What's your head numbers ?
  9. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    Between the spark plugs and the valve cover there is a number that reads D2VEA2A.

    I'm thinking that maybe, since he had to loan the engine a carb, that he just grabbed whatever matched the carb that he was borrowing. I don't want to take the seal off of the carb hole, because that engine really needs to be cleaned! So after I clean it I'll take a look at the holes on the intake.
  10. hmm i dont mind blacked out chrome.. my bed chrome is in poor shape...and replacements are kinda rediculous ..but im looking into doing the bed chrome with some of that Rustoleum Hammertone paint.. it would def hide some of the problems...
  11. Petey

    Petey Guest

    Mary, there's good odds the info sticker on the valve cover is correct because those are 72 heads. It should run passable on today's fuels thanks to lower compression. You'll like the torque it produces regardless of the low advertised HP. Uh,72GTVA, I've seen a bunch of 385 series engines that didn't have the VIN stamped back there. They weren't replacment engines either. Some were in LTD's and big Mercurys but most unstamped engines were in Lincolns. Any year. Seen at least 50 like that.
    If you were really lucky and no one had ever messed with the engine, most had a little metal tag bolted under the coil bracket that had the year, cubic inch, assembly plant, and other revision info stamped in it. Even with that tag I've seen them mis-labeled as to the cubic inch. What can ya say, that's Ford for ya ? I still love em'.
  12. MaryT

    MaryT Guest


    Why would it just run "passably"? Have they messed up our gas that much?? Wait, I know the answer to that [​IMG]

    Is there something I can do, like mortgage my house and run some midgrade ? Or an additive that could help? With an engine like that I want the best that I can give :D
  13. Petey

    Petey Guest

    I'm gonna' date myself by saying this, but do you remember when we used to laugh at Mexican Pemex ? Guys had to stack head gaskets on the older engines to drop the compression enough to burn that swill. Today's fuels are that crappy.
    You will still have enough compression with the 72 heads to cause you to back off on ignition timing. That dreaded pinging and rattle will kill your engine in short order if you don't limit total advance to around 34 to 36 degrees total advance. If you don't have acess to a good distributor machine, the easiest way to get a handle on your advance curve is to bite the bullitt and spend for a billet MSD distributor without the vacume advance. You can set them up exactly as you want without using a dist. machine. This dist. will work with a Ford Dura-Spark ignition or any of the other hotter electronic ignitions. Trust me, you can rate the quality of each tank of fuel by tuning your 429 to the edge of pinging. Even running retarded timing, you're going to be impressed by how good that 429 / 460 yanks around your Ranchero. Clark knows of what I speak.
    As far as waking up that sleeping giant, cop ya some high octane fuel from some of the local dirt track guys. Advance your timing back up to where it should be. Then tell me what you think about roasted tires and embarassed ricers, Camaro and Mustang owners. I still remember when fuel was good and a sloppily tuned bone stock big block could eat 350 Chevys for lunch. We're paying way too much for a whole lot less at the pumps today.
  14. MaryT

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    Thanks Hillbilly [​IMG]

    I'll refer back to your post when I get all the parts that Tramp needs. There's alot of them!

    I don't know much about timing, so I may need help on that. Was thinking about getting both Lady and Tramp new ignitions though. I'll also have to start checking out MSD distributors. Can anyone recommend a place reasonable prices?
  15. Petey

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  16. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    Wow, and I thought Summit Racing was pricey! Might have to wait on these!
  17. *RD*

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    I have to say it is one of the best upgrades I did to my 351c, it also looks great.
  18. MaryT

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    I think today that I will rewire Tramp's wiring harness. It rained last night and the air is fresh and clean and no wind for a change! Plus the kids went back to school today so I'll have time to sit and redo without "MOOOOOOM" every 15 seconds!

    I have my trusty diagrams and the electrical book for Lady's year for reference.

    I have to rewire the entire thing that runs across the firewall all the way to the passenger headlight. Wish me luck! :D
  19. no sweat'll be've already done much harder things.. :D :D
  20. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! I also noticed that the dash cap is completely cracked because of the hood laying on it. I mean, it wasn't in such great shape in the first place, but sheesh! Soooo....I'm working on a way to get THAT back together so I can continue on the interior work.

    Still have no idea what to do about the seat. The couple that lives down the street does upholstery, hmmm.... they're funny people. They're an older couple so when they get into an argument the whole neighborhood can hear. Very amusing [​IMG] Anyway, back to the seats...I'll have to ask them how much they'll charge me or if they can/will even do it. Ouch.

    But today, WIRING HARNESS! :D

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