Updated fishmouth pic (I love photoshop!)

Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by 78Squire400M, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Actually CJ you slapped Sean first this time! he said nothing about you in this thread and FF and BB have not even posted here????

    Everybody seems to hold a grudge too long looks like we are heading into another spell where every ones posts get infiltrated by insults from other posts. :(


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  2. TestDummy

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    Both of those comments were in response to you ripping on somebody with absolutely no reason to do so (BB in this instance), and they were in jest (something done or said in a playful joking manner).
    5.0, thanks for the clarification and,……this round is over (for me anyway).
  3. CJ Guy

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    5.0, oh ya your right! This is a carry over from the other day.

    "they were in jest (something done or said in a playful joking manner). "

    Oh, so only you can make that distinction when it suits your needs?
    Let me put this into perspective for you and FF.

    from the main page:
    "The purpose of this site is to keep ALIVE the Ranchero, get a DATA BASE together for all owners, SEARCH OR SELL PARTS, POST PICS, and get a NATIONAL RANCHERO MEET together like every other Ford make has."

    What have you two contributed lately other than your immature antics and comments?
    I will not cease to point out what immature fools you are as long as you keep screwing with me and portraying me in the way you do.
    So if you two want to keep it up, so be it, but remember I don't play well with idiots.
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    Hey CJ, I fly spacecraft too. Every time I launch the Squire, my vision gets blurry, and sometimes I see stars too. :D

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