Wanted - wiring for 69 gt hood signal lights

Discussion in 'Ranchero Parts Wanted' started by Unclebrad, Apr 18, 2021.

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    I'd like to get as much of the 69 hood signals wiring as I can, so that I can make it look as original as possible.

    I bought a 69 gt hood for my 68. But my 68 wasn't wired for those signals. (if I have it right, the 68s weren't fitted with the gt hoods at all.)


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    I can't speak as to 68 -69 Rancheros however the Torinos were fitted with scoops. I had a 1969 Torino/Fairlane Cobra with Ram-air and it had the same scoop as a friends 68 Torino sportsroof (it had a 302). His wasn't functional, but all he needed was the air cleaner assembly. The hole was the same in both. My younger brother had a 67 Mustang GT and I seem to recall the signal lights were slightly different but may be wrong. I would be surprised if the 68 Ranchero GT was not available with a scoop. I thought the Rancheros were available with everything the Torinos offered. Especially from 1968 through 1971.

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