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Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by gizmo6958, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Suisun City CA
    Got transfer orders back to March ARB, CA (near Riverside) so ventured over this past weekend with the Ranchero. Left Phx early and had to stop at Tonopah to find a bearing noise. That was the AC compressor, so took off the belt and traveled thru the desert with no air. Wife following in her truck said the outside temp hit 115. made it fine after downing 7 bottles of water during the last 200 miles. This trip leads me to a question: is there a way to adjust the needle position on stock gauges? ran consistently between "a" and "l" in NORMAL but would spike a bit when the theromstat would cycle. Just made me nervous, but ran really well. Might just be easier to change and update all the gauges.
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    Dang March has not been a AFB for years haha was stationed there 1989 through 1993. And living in Mo Valley now has a huge Commisary for us old retired folks. Plenty of sun and heat.:D

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