What You Need to Know About Mounting Radial Tires on Classic Vehicle Rims

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    Interesting article on how modern radial tires effect classic wheels:

    Over the past 100 years, tires, and the wheels that support them, have gone through significant changes as a result of technical innovations in design, technology and materials. No single factor affects the handling and safety of a car’s ride more than the tire and the wheel it is mounted on and how the two work together as a unit.

    Complete article here

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    I never knew radial tires would cause that much additional stress. Makes me wonder if the issue with the Kelsey-Hayes wheels of the late 60's early 70's was related to the move to radial tires.
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    This is a little hard to understand -- there is zero difference on the wheel from the type of tire when run at the same pressure. No doubt the newer tire would be 'stickier' -- more sideways pressure could be applied if you try a little harder.
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    Basically, the layout of the cords presents the load forces to a smaller section of the wheel with a steel belted tire.
    Not mentioned, but shorter cords also stretch less and transmit more shock to the wheel when hitting bumps.

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