wheel well work

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  1. from grunge to clean ..to black is beautiful!!




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    You GO Boy!!!
  3. doorguy58

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    looks great!!
  4. 75 Squire

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    I did the same with my wheel wells when I was redoing the front end, I did use flat black and not gloss.
  5. believe it or not..its wet paint.. [​IMG] it was still a little wet....its a Krylon super anti rust semi flat... looks MUCH flatter today.. :D
    wanted to clean things up before putting the 17s on the front.. its like wearing speedos... shows too much..
  6. oh and just for info... it takes a can per wheelwell for 3 coats..
  7. MaryT

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    Betcha that took alot of time too! Great work, well worth it [​IMG]
  8. a good 4 hours work per wheel well from start to finish..thanx...and yep those ARE the original ball joints.....i believe...riveted into place.. the uppers look good the lowers look..uhhh like poo ;)

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