Will it work? 4 speaker Ford Radio in 2 speaker Ranchero

Discussion in 'Car and Home Audio' started by Spritely, Feb 10, 2020.

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    So I found a working Ford AM/FM radio & 8 track in a 78 Tbird at the yard. The plug on it is for a 4 speaker setup. Will it work in my stock 2 speaker setup if I just leave the 2 rear speaker wires not hooked up or will it cause issues with load/balance/blowing output transistor? Basically can I use a 4 speaker unit in a 2 speaker setup with no ill effects to the radio?

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    Yes they usually have balance and fade knob
    Fade is front to rear and Balance is Right and Left.
    Just make sure both speakers get wired to Front or the Rear speaker wires on the radio then adjust radio so all the power goes to those speakers

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