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    I got the parts from Dearborn. The vapor barrier comes on a big roll. The door pannels are not correct for my car, they are for a 66B or 66D, not a 66A. I couldnt find them for a 66A, so.... i had to do what i had to do. As far as quality......? all i can say is it sure is a Dearborn part. But... they do look awesome correct or incorrect.
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    Great thanks for the information. God I hate their website. I am waiting on a new catalog to see what has changed since 2004 (the last catalog that I have of theirs).

    How did you install yours? It looks like one would have to bend them in the middle to get them in the top and bottom tracks and over the window crank and door release.

    Also I just noticed that on mine the chrome strip holding the door panel is on the top and the painted one is on the bottom. Did you reverse yours? I almost like that look better.


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    Indeed I did reverse the rails on my doors. Kind of my own little twist on the restoration, a litle personalizing.... actualy, truth told, I didnt realize i had done that untill you mentioned that and i looked at the door photos from before i took them apart [​IMG] !!! but I agree with you it does look better i think!
    As far as assembely, you do bend then in the middle to install them.

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