YAY! :]

Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by 62Ranchero, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. 62Ranchero

    62Ranchero Guest

    Well, my '62 is comin' home tuesday!!! :D

    I can't wait.

    You guys don't even know how excited I am!!!

    But, it's going to be towed. I don't get my license 'till friday.

    But it's okay! She's still coming home with me. :D

    I'll post some pics when she's home. :]

  2. 62Ranchero

    62Ranchero Guest

    Oh yea, I forgot to mention, the tranny is good, and it moves. :] And fast too.
  3. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    Oh too cool! You DO sound excited, but remember to be careful on Friday [​IMG] Don't want anything to happen to you!
  4. As Is '66

    As Is '66 2 Wheeled Mod Staff Member

    Southwest Georgia
    You GO Boy!!!
  5. no better feeling is there?? :D
  6. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    Did it come home yet???? Huh, huh...did it????? :D
  7. sakumaku

    sakumaku Guest

  8. As Is '66

    As Is '66 2 Wheeled Mod Staff Member

    Southwest Georgia
    Tuesday has come and gone,Where`s your truck???where`s th pics???
  9. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    And today is Friday! Don't you get your license today?? And STILL no pics of the Ranchero?!? Sheesh!
  10. trikar

    trikar In Maximum Overdrive

    San Bernardino Mountains
    He must be out driving all over the place.
  11. sarah

    sarah Pic Moderator Staff Member

    Well I hear it is hard to tie a young man down....DETAILS BOY DETAILS.... :D
  12. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    And he must know by now how excited we get!!
  13. rohojo1

    rohojo1 Guest

    It's still Friday and no post's or pic's. Hope he's not out learning how to get tickets... I remember my first car, a 1932 Ford 3 window coupe. Yanked the engine out, put in a flathead 8 with a top loader 4 speed and let 'er rip. We used to go out into the oil fields and mix in a bit of condensate with the gas. That stuff ran anywhere from 115/145 octaine or higher and made the heads and headers glowing red. Ran like a scalded ape...
    Hope this finds all y'all having the start of a great weekend. Mine will be filled with funeral for my Dad's last sibling, along with other family stuff, then Sunday a meet with Chad the Centauri and Roger, both local Ranchero owners. LIFE IS GOOD...
    Bob J.

    ZWHEELS Guest

    it's the eternal story.. a boy and his ranchero
  15. 62Ranchero

    62Ranchero Guest

    I got my license! As some of you already know.
    And, my 62 isn't home yet.
    Got tied up with other things. Work, school.
    You know.

    But HOPEFULLY Today it'll be home.
    I guess I won't know till the time comes!
    But I'm crossing my fingers!
  16. BlueOvals

    BlueOvals In Maximum Overdrive

    Northern Ca.
    Huh, did someone mention that pics would be nice? I'm sure that is the very first thing you will do when you get your little paws on that car. Cool! Have fun, but take care!!!
  17. 62Ranchero

    62Ranchero Guest

    Oh don't worry!
    And the '62 is FINALLY home!!!
    I'm happy. :]
    I'll take pictures when I get it home.
  18. 62Ranchero

    62Ranchero Guest

    I meant when I pull it out of the garage!
  19. CJ Guy

    CJ Guy In Maximum Overdrive

    Space, The final Frontier
    Hey Dude "I love my '62' ..
    Did I see you today going west on 60 going to AZ.?, around 430pm, if that was you, you be cruzinn to say the least, but quit hugging the right marker line and get some front springs in that Chero to handle that V8...
  20. 62Ranchero

    62Ranchero Guest

    Nah, that wasn't me. My car hasn't been on the road yet with it's own power.
    I was on the 60 going west. But I was in my friends chevy. It was quite depressing. haha. But no. Not me.

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