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Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by sakumaku, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. sakumaku

    sakumaku Guest

    As i mentiones in a earlier topic , i have now updated my site.
    So take a look at the new part for visitors rides, its still really empty. But here is your part, send me a mail with your best pic, and i will put your chero on it too.
    Hope u all like it.
    ranchero visitors rides............

    Ideas are always welcome...

    greatings from Holland :cool: :cool:

    (oh, you can mail best to:

    (oh2, this is in the picture topic, i hope i am right here........)

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  2. sakumaku

    sakumaku Guest

    ok ya`ll don`t have to, was just a suggestion............... [​IMG]
  3. sarah

    sarah Pic Moderator Staff Member

    I looked and sent ya a picture didn't you get it?????
  4. MaryT

    MaryT Guest

    I need to take a better full length pic in the sun, then you'll get that one [​IMG]
  5. sakumaku

    sakumaku Guest

    I got `em!!

    I am still thinking to link the picture to a bigger size pic... Will find out soon........
  6. I am sending one right now.
  7. Actually, I sent two.
  8. Fomoco8

    Fomoco8 In Maximum Overdrive

    Virginia Beach, VA
    Its E mailed and coming at ya right now,
  9. nsr

    nsr Guest

    I sent mine yesterday. Did ya get 'em?
  10. And for my pics (because I didn't put this in the email) just say "Saxe" for name and "Florida" for location.
  11. sakumaku

    sakumaku Guest


    nice rides!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Thanks man! He ya'll, we're world famous!

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