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Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by Bon, May 13, 2004.

  1. KevlarMonkey

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    Camp Lejeune, NC
    My first car was a 1988 Chevy Nova. 4-cylinder, BRIGHT yellow. I still have it but it has a blown head-gasket. Going to get it running again for this summer. And then I got my 57 Ranchero from my uncle. but yeah, great times.
  2. D.B. Roberts

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    Federal Way, Washington
    My first car was a 1958 Chevy DelRay... I paid $50 for it in either 69 or 70... Hard to remember back that far! ;) Even harder to remember how many there have been between then and now! :D :cool: :D
  3. Dan the ranchero man

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    Mchenry , IL
    Bon, To answer your question I am 41. But there is more to the first car story than I wrote in the first post (I was at work with limited time) See I had been working at a resturant when I was 13 until the time I was 16. I was waiting on tables on the weekends and during the week I was the buss boy. I was able to save up about $6000 in that three year period enough to buy me a NEW ranchero! 79 as we all know was the last year and I wanted one that was sitting in a dealership by my house in Chicago. It was a jade green GT with a 351M buckets, console, floor shift and gauges. It also had power windows and A/C! Boy I was ready to go there and lay down my cash for not only my first car BUT A NEW ONE! Well, When I told my dad what I wanted to do he said NO WAY! Your first car was going to be something that you could "LEARN" how to drive, repair, clean and all the other things that go along with owning a car. Buying a new one would be a waste of a new car for a kid your age. So that is how I ended up with my brothers old 70 Pinto. It did not help much that my Dad did not like rancheros, elcaminos, subaru brats or anything that was on that car/truck theme. Since I was still living at home when I bought my second car the ranchero was still out (even a used 73 that I was looking at) So I ended up with a 74 Gran torino that I really liked and drove for over 9 years!I bought my 75 ranchero when I moved out in 1981 and had that until only a few months ago when I was finished using it as a parts car for the 74 ranchero I just finished up this year!
  4. mhopper

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    My first was a 1970 Ranchero Gt 351C. It was blue with laser stripes. My dad made me trade it because we couldn't afford the gas for it. We traded it for a 1970 Maverick with a straight six. I drove that car for 6 years. I wish I still had that 'chero! I like my '76 500, but one day I will have another '70!
  5. wjmr

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    bristol ,pa
    Bon age is only a number they give you to sell birthday cards so at 53 and having been dead a couple of times enjoy life, build as many cars as you can, drive hard and fast and have a ball!
  6. Sheri

    Sheri Guest

    I had a 1977 Bonneville...all power! Primer grey, beer cans and wire hangers literally holding up rear bumper! HOSS!
  7. ned g

    ned g Guest

    1st car was a '51 merc coupe that my buddy bought for the y-block motor. i bought a basket case '53 buick 322, and an olds 3spd, an ansen shifter and a bunch of adapters. a year later found a '54 ford skyliner (plexitop) and put the buick in there. upgraded to a '56 322. great burnout car. mom sold it when i went to uncle sam.
  8. Alex Everett

    Alex Everett Guest

    Oh by the way I forgot about the Vette I had..... A Chevette he,he,ha,ha.
  9. sask50guy

    sask50guy Guest

    Yo Bon, What's going on man? My first love was a '76 Torino, but it wasn't love at first site. It was a drab grey with inaccurate Starsky & Hutch stripes (didn't they all have them?) Anyhow I sure do miss her now, even her anemic 351M400. That car took more abuse than any other automobile Iv'e ever owned. Bless her soul! [​IMG]
  10. Bon

    Bon Guest

    i miss my ranchero. period. im gonna get her back on the road one way or another. and btw, i have a ranchero body with no motor, new brakes, bad interior, body only... i wanna trade it for a ford ranger.. 82-92 in the same shape.. im located about 45 miles south of atlanta in greenville, ga.... if anyone knows anybody or wants to trade, gimme a hollar.
  11. cougarguy

    cougarguy Guest

    my firstr car was a 1976 matador station wagon. nuff said hiding my head in shame. but hey it had a 390 and was cheap and was great for keggers and drive in.
  12. Ranch72

    Ranch72 Guest

  13. jalopyboy

    jalopyboy Guest

    My 1st car was a truck,a 53 F-250. Big......ugly...slow. I loved that thing.
  14. my first car was/is still a 1993 plymouth grand voyager sport wagon! Its got a 3.3L V6 its white, my driver side door doesnt open, ive got the middle seat taken out, its got a maaco paint job on it.. New front and back brakes, new transmission since I blew the old one ( I blew a 8 inch hole out of the transmission case!) Its got new starter, ignition. It runs good for a 143,000 miles! Its fast too lol... Ide like to put this motor in a little le baron or something... That think would kick ass... Ive raced people. and I even beat a stratus RT, the guy didnt know how to shift so I blew his doors off lol (SERIOUSLY). 0-60 in 8 seconds! those 3.3L Sport motors are so quick... at about 98 it starts to rattle the car allittle, but thats probably just because the tires were low... but hey... Check em out if you want something to go around in and stomp people... Its a good sleeper.. Mine sucks gas like crazy tho. i get like 15 MPG... but hey... I have a lead foot! - SCott
  15. Rancherous

    Rancherous Administrator Staff Member

    Buffalo, NY
    1975 Green Chevrolet Impala 4 door land barge with a 350. It was given to me by my Grandfather. That has been the ONLY non Ford product I have owned.
  16. Bob Hardie

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    York Haven, Pa.
    My first was a 1965 Chevy Corvair Corsa (Turbocharged, 180 HP stock).I paid $600.00 for it in 1969. Took it to a friend of dad's (DON YENKO)and had some work done to it. Ended up with 285 HP at the wheels. Wish I still had that puppy!


    Mine was a 66 Thunderbird 428 "The Thunderwhore"
    She stripped Gas money from my pockets daily.
    The following year I got my first Toploader.
    It was a Red 65 GT Fastback
  18. My first was a primer gray 1957 Ranchero, my father paid a whopping $50 for it. I was 15 with no permit / license but he let me drive it home. It had 289 with a 3 speed and I wasnt very good with manual trans yet. After many many smoke shows and close calls we made it home where I managed to take apart everything I shouldnt have and one wrong turn at 60 mph cost me my first car. Wish I still had it.............
  19. 70GTDave

    70GTDave Guest

    You guy's make me feel old, but you are only as old as you feel. My first was a 46 Ford two door sedan with a flat head (how many of you even know what is?), I proceeded to add Offi heads, two pot manifold, ect. One day the cam broke and there went the engine (not the motor {the only motor was for the heater})! It's at that point I became a real "gear head", I put in a 265 Chev V8, behind it was a 39 trans. Many cluster gears later a 28 tooth Lasale was utilized, and no more blown tran's. Did break drive shafts, axles ect. All of this was when I was still in High school. After graduating and getting a good job (which I retired from 30 years later) I bought my first almost new car, 1960 Pont. Marrage changed my quest for speed, almost! In 1969 it was my first new car, a Datsun R-2000 roadster. I still have it today. Restored it in 1990. I am the only one to ever turn a bolt on it sence the factory. Several Mustangs later, I have a trophy winner (twice) "66 Conv. Totally done with it and becomming boarded, needing a "project" I began RAncheroing.
    If you read between the lines of this dialog you will soon discover this is a sport (hobby) you will enjoy your entire life.
  20. davis

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    LB, CA
    my first and still daily driver is a 67 mustang with a straight 6. i've been driving it for the past 17 years.
    its a family owned vehicle. my grandmothers car.
    i spent many summers in the back seat rolling down the quarter windows when i was a kid. now my boys are back there doing the same, except with car seats.

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