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  1. Roger Mitchell
    Roger Mitchell
    changing to 15" rims on a 65 Ranchero what tire? Rim backspace and width?
  2. hnewhard
    have fully charged battery but won't crank and no headlights on 71 GT need help
  3. grebaba
    grebaba Fuelcustoms
    I had to fab my own.
    Not hard but takes a little time.
  4. Ryan47
    My dad left this 74 ranchero and I promised to finish the project. I need some help with some knowledge that I am not sure about. Anyone?
  5. Fuelcustoms
    Will a 6R80 fit in a 63 galaxie convertible with the X member, looks like the drive shaft is a lot higher
  6. Goldnectar
    I just built support ribs to prevent pooling in with bed with car cover!
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    2. Ryan47
      you see i had the same issue. I will have to do the same.
      Feb 26, 2021
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    3. Goldnectar
      A light rain did pool a little in the back, but not enough to pull anything much. A nice heavy rain over days will be the real test.
      Mar 5, 2021
  7. Dave_in_Az
    Dave_in_Az Ran Man
    Do you still have the bed trim?
    Would you please send me a few pictures and cost?
    Thank you
  8. Make
  9. Make
    English is not my native language.
  10. Dave Reginek
    Dave Reginek
    Had a 72 back in high school (profile pic) and recently bought another 72 Look forward to gathering contacts and useful info here.
  11. Elephant in the Room
    Elephant in the Room
    Struggling with fuel pump not priming atm
  12. 71ToTheBrig
    No Prey No Pay
  13. Larry willis
    Larry willis
    62 Ranchero I need a full floor pan is everybody using 64 through 65 Mercury Comet floor pans and modifying
  14. Ryan Rivera
    Ryan Rivera
    Im in need of some floor panels, could any one point me to one or any advice on how to repair my floor panels or whats compatible.
  15. Ryan Rivera
    Ryan Rivera
    Hey everyone im new here, i have a 1979 Ford Ranchero GT needing parts, anything will help thanks
  16. mike mooney
    mike mooney
    Hello! 1st post. Bought my 2nd ‘66, 22 yrs between. OG 289 now w/a 351C I think. Need left door jamb latch panel. Any thoughts?
  17. justgoodenough
    Thanks for the add. I am finalizing the purchase of a 63 ranchero. With that, I will be looking for advice and likely parts. Pic to come.
  18. Rowen L Love
    Rowen L Love Cudino
    I have a dr appt today at 1 so anytime after that this week will be workable. About a 2 hr drive so earlier is better but whatever works for you is fine. Thanks
  19. Rowen L Love
    Rowen L Love Cudino
    Wade, you have no idea how happy I am to be getting this bumper! 66-67 rear bumpers for these are like finding hens teeth. As far as condition goes the pics tell me it's perfect application. Take care, have a great day, stay kool, stay out of the smoky air(bad here) and I look forward to meeting you
  20. Rowen L Love
    Rowen L Love Cudino
    Wade, you are to kind. I will look for your msg with anticipation! Tell me, do you wear car theamed "T's"? If so, what size? And do you prefer long or short sleeves?
    1. Cudino
      Hi Rowen, that’s very kind of you. Please don’t go out of your way, it really is my pleasure to help, I’m glad these parts are going to good homes. But all of my T-shirts are indeed car-themed, large with short sleeves. I just wish this bumper was in even better condition. -Wade
      Sep 8, 2020