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  1. Kiwi-Guy
    Retired Aircraft mechanic, kids gone, wife at work, Ranchero to while away the hours.
  2. Kiwi-Guy
    First time member.
  3. Mista'
    New to the group and eager to LEARN
  4. Robs Rancho
    Robs Rancho
    New member that enjoys learning from others and sharing knowledge and experience as well.
  5. Dyno
    Dyno EER
    Had sent you a message on monday. You can call me or text me at 484 553 5051.
    Where are you located?
  6. EER
    EER Dyno
    what about those side markers?
  7. Betty the Ranchero
  8. Asatruar64
    Eagerly anticipating the end of the world as we know it.
  9. Ron Dokken
    Ron Dokken Rancherous
    Hi new member here Ron Dokken 69 ranchero gt 390 c-6 restored black on black built engine 427 heads and manifold,just switched to edlebrock 650 carb holley 850 was to much for street.
  10. Bob Larson
    Bob Larson
    Finally have found another 1972 Ranchero GT 351 CJ Auto, rust free from CA
  11. SteveT
    SteveT Jeff B
    Hello Jeff, I bought a '65 Ranchero that came with a white Protect-O-Top. It has the springs but not the cover part that is stationary, in front of the main top and attaches to the main top. Do you have any information on this piece or a diagram that could help me have the piece made? Thank you. Steve Tontz, Long Beach,CA
    1. Jeff B
      Jeff B
      Steve. Just saw your note. I will get you a few pics. You are on your own for parts as ProtectoTop has been out of production for a long time. Jeff
      May 8, 2021
    2. Jeff B
      Jeff B
      May 8, 2021
  12. Roger Mitchell
    Roger Mitchell
    changing to 15" rims on a 65 Ranchero what tire? Rim backspace and width?
  13. hnewhard
    have fully charged battery but won't crank and no headlights on 71 GT need help
  14. grebaba
    grebaba Fuelcustoms
    I had to fab my own.
    Not hard but takes a little time.
  15. Ryan47
    My dad left this 74 ranchero and I promised to finish the project. I need some help with some knowledge that I am not sure about. Anyone?
  16. Fuelcustoms
    Will a 6R80 fit in a 63 galaxie convertible with the X member, looks like the drive shaft is a lot higher
  17. Goldnectar
    I just built support ribs to prevent pooling in with bed with car cover!
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    2. Ryan47
      you see i had the same issue. I will have to do the same.
      Feb 26, 2021
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    3. Goldnectar
      A light rain did pool a little in the back, but not enough to pull anything much. A nice heavy rain over days will be the real test.
      Mar 5, 2021
  18. Dave_in_Az
    Dave_in_Az Ran Man
    Do you still have the bed trim?
    Would you please send me a few pictures and cost?
    Thank you
  19. Make
  20. Make
    English is not my native language.