1968 S code 4 speed Ranchero GT numbers

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  1. fomoconick

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    Hello everyone, I just purchased a 1968 S code 4 speed Ranchero GT project car. It is originally presidential blue with a white C-stripe. I purchased it off of ebay and it should be arriving in the next week or two. When it does I will post some pics. I also ordered the Marti report. If anyone has any information on how many S code 4 speed cars Ford put out in 1968 it would be greatly appreciated (I cheaped out and got the standard Marti report which tells you the options but not the number of vehicles built, more money for parts :) Thanks!
  2. David Michelmore

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    I just got my Marti report today it breaks down of how many cars were built in various trim packages as well as engines installed in that particular car I found it very interesting
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    Looking forward to seeing pictures!
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    Welcome fomoconick… I have an idea of 1969's... 68's not so much.

    But I do have the digital manuals and parts list, so don't be shy about asking.
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