1970 Ranchero Updates (Recently Inherited)

Discussion in 'Ranchero Pics' started by Jakob Zamora, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Jakob Zamora

    Jakob Zamora In Second Gear

    Already had some work done to the Ranchero:
    • New Holley Carb
    • New suspension (not sure what, my Dad had ordered it)
    • New door panels
    • New carpet kit
    • New window knobs
    • New dash cluster and lens (electrical working)
    • New dash cover (been reading most people are torn over this option, looks great to me as a DD)
    • New floor door panels
    • New cowl vents
    • Got the heater working
    IMG_1547 copy.jpg IMG_1549 copy.jpg IMG_1551 copy.jpg IMG_1554 copy.jpg IMG_1555 copy.jpg

    Next on the to-do:
    • Wheels and tires (trouble deciding sizes)
    • Bench seat re-upholstery
    • Install wiper blades
    • New or just paint front grill (recommendations?)
    • Going to try paint correction BEFORE I bite the bullet on body + paint work
    Any other recommendations on little easy projects? My Dad was a general contractor and fixer of all things, I can clean things...meticulously and thats about it lol (my Dads buddy did all the work above for me)

    For some reason, the ALT light is coming on, not sure if it has always been there (since dash lights work now), or if this is new...

    Here is link to how it sounds on a cold start:
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  2. 65restomod

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    Danville,VT left NJ forever
    sounds mean!!!!
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  3. Jakob Zamora

    Jakob Zamora In Second Gear

    After a little paint correction, not bad - cheaper than a paint job right now!

    New wheels go on this afternoon!

    IMG_1598 copy.jpg

    IMG_1600 copy.jpg
  4. Saff54

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    Looking good Jakob!
  5. Garbageman

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    SW Washington
    Nice ride.

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