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    I just got my deluxe report from Marti Auto Works, and according to them, 2,195 Special Edition Ranchero 500s were made in '79. It was definitely worth paying $46 for, since I found out that, like mine, only 410 were painted Dove Gray. And only 54 had that color with Dark Red Leather interior. Mine also came with the Dark Red Valino vinyl roof. It has the Cougar 15" wheels, and the wide Cougar bodyside molding. I think I may have read somewhere that these could have been added at the dealer. Mine was sold nearby in Charlotte,
    I'm hoping to find out more info from them. It takes 6 months to get a window sticker from Marti; I'm going to check with them to see if it's just the factory window sticker they can get. Now if I can just find someone who can recover that split bench and dash cover in dark red leather...JD
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