anyone here that can do a good logo?

Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by beefcake, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Alex Everett

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    I second that....

    Ford Ranchero Enthusiasts Unlimited

    It just sounds so cool....
  2. KevlarMonkey

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    Camp Lejeune, NC
    If you all come up with something let me know and I will go into Photo Shop and try to piece something together. I'm not the best at Photo Shop but I try :D .

    PHILPKP In Third Gear

    How about "THE RANCH"
    WELL BACK TO THE BUD :D .......,,,PHIL
  4. Butch

    Butch Guest

    i like 5.0 Chero's idea.
  5. I think the Ranchero bull emblem from the 60s should be included somehow. It's a pretty universal symbol for the Ranchero even though it was dropped in 70 I believe.
  6. 351TT

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    I think we do need to include that we are a world org with the overseas guys they go thought alot with gas prices and parts not being around. also the thing about not owning one was good i know guys that love ranchero's but own other ford, i loved'em but only picked one up about a year ago. ive only just started on it because i finished my T-bird TT, and wanted to TT the 351C in my 75, and the fact that no one races my mustang TT and tbird TT's because they know what they are now, bummer. execpt for the ricers they will always be fun to mess with anyway I like:
    "International Ranchero Enthusiasts Club(
  7. 70GTDave

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    I also own a 66 Mustang with my two RAnchero's, soon to be only one. I wonder how many Ranchero owners also have a classic Mustang. I have thought about a name of Mustang-Ranchero, that of course, is taken from the famous house near Reno Nevada.
  8. davis

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    Whittier, CA

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