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Discussion in 'Ranchero Tech Help' started by 59Rustchero, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. 59Rustchero

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    Just picked up an other 59 the "Bondochero" it has sat for 5 years and the 292 is not want wanting to fire.
    Pulgs are getting spark and some gas but I'm sure the carb needs rebuilt.
    Seem to turn a little slow.
    Any wiled guesses ?
    Also has a 3:70 locker rearend, what a stump puller !

    Hopefuly I can build one car out of the Rustchero and Bondochero. That and some fenders from Macs.
  2. burninbush

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    near SF
    Are you sure it was running when it was parked 5 years back? If people have been working on it in the interim, I'd check that the timing is close. Wouldn't hurt to squirt a bit of oil into each cylinder before your next try at starting; crank it for 20 seconds or so then while the plugs are still out -- give the oil pump a chance to get primed. Then ... prop the fast idle cam open a bit and put a half teaspoon of gasoline into each carb bore (2). Then crank and pray.

    If the gasoline in the tank is 5 years old it should also be replaced.

    3.70 rear would work fine with an overdrive stick trans.
  3. vmaxman

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    Pikeville, North Carolina

    Congrats on the 59' Chero.
    Where are you located?
    Have a line on a Q Code Cleveland and C-6 Trans with 79k original miles; If you are thinking about changing drivetrain.
    I'm in North Carolina about an hour from Raleigh, NC.

    Put up some pictures when you can..
  4. 59Rustchero

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    I did soke the block ran it with no plugs turned slower after I put plugs in of corse.
    I unhooked the fuel pump and shot some gas into the carb.
    Will fool with it more Friday.
    The Bondochero is a 292 2spd auto with a 3:70 locker
    The Rustchero was a 223 stick with a 3:55.

    I am 75 miles south of Tampa / Orlando in Avon Park FL.
    Always have an eye out for 59s !
  5. handy_andy_cv64

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    Check and clean all the cable connections for the starter system and ensure the ground cable is correctly bolted to the block instead of an accessory bracket, plus the ground strap at the back is intact and attached to the body. One other thing--block the wheels and make sure the trans is in neutral, then complete the starter circuit under the hood rather than turning the key. Usually, a bad ignition switch affects the solenoid's ability to fully engage or engage at all if the contacts inside are corroded.
  6. davis

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    Whittier, CA
    how old is the battery?
  7. 59Rustchero

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    Checked all the grounds and was looking at the dis, the points have been replaced by a box. Two wires to the + & - sides of the coil. I was putting the dis cap back on when I looked at the boot of the spark plug cable.
    The metal end was up in the top not the boot ! No contact to the cap, about 5 wires were this way.
    Makes me wonder about this guys work on the Bondochero. ? Hu !

    Had a strong battery in it and got it out of time, it did fart out of the carb. That was the most action I got.
  8. 59Rustchero

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    Good news and BAD news. Got the engine to stumble and allmost start.
    Bad news is wile working on it all my parts didnt fit. Checked the engine casting number and.......... The engine is not a 292 its a 1954 239 ! Son of a.
    So looks like I will be looking for a 292 312 352 or maybe 302 351 390 ?
  9. 5.0 Chero

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    Come on stick with a Y block

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