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    Hey All,

    Since the beat-up factory headliner in my '65 can only be properly replaced by removing the front AND rear glass, I've been wracking my brain to think of some alternatives because I just don't have the money to do that right now.

    My current idea is to rip out the headliner, line the roof with sound deadener, and then cover everything with thick felt or vinyl fabric using a spray adhesive. The edges would be trimmed to fit and tucked under the front & rear glass weather stripping for what should be a pretty seamless look. Windlace will do the same for the sides. Areas with voids like the dome light or near the top of the pillars can be spanned with fabric over foam backing.

    I figure worst case is that I'm not happy with it and eventually put in the factory bow-type headliner again, properly, whenever I get funds for that. But it should at least look better than my current stained and sagging headliner.

    What's your opinion? Good idea or terrible idea? Can you recommend an alternative?

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    Do some measuring and check out some wrecking yards for some of the foam backed types in the SUVs or bigger sedans. Some careful trimming might find something that would work.
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    I was in the same boat, and couldn't figure out what to replace it with, so I bit the bullet and replaced the headliner when I replaced the windshield- $$$.
    Whatever you do, don't lose your headliner bows- those are rare as hen's teeth.
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    For my Ranchero, I used 1/8" insulating board(more or less a harder version of cardboard), I cut the material, bent it to fit the ceiling then covered it in foam backed headliner material, the same as they used for 80's and 90's cars/trucks. These pics show the finished product, not sure why the headliner material looks "washed out", maybe it was the flash, but it is definitely maroon in color. Hope this gives an option
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