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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by drlance, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. drlance

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    Robinson, IL
    I was perusing ebay for whatever little ranchero gems might be available....

    Is it just me or did the value of really rusted, dented and generally beat up parts just triple??
    Is it our economy? Or is it that people think they can part out a 'Clunker' and make enough to live on??

    I know fenders for the 77-79 series are hard to come by, but $250 each? Plus $100 to ship and then you still have a couple hundred to straighten, and paint.... That's over 1K before they ever see your car!!!

    Now, I am a novice at body work... But even I can't see spending that much money on beat up used parts!!

    Maybe I am just looking at it wrong......

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  2. HuevosRanchero

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    Macon Georgia
    it all depends on how desperate you are, with no other sources available you can be between IRAQ/and a Hard Place pretty quickly... but yeah..as the "primo" models continue to escalate out of reach of the common man, Our old land yachts are starting to be pulled up by the bootstraps...
  3. Bob Jones

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    Layton, Utah
    I guess it also depends on where you live in our great nation. I know around here (Salt Lake City area) Ranchero parts are pretty hard to find. There are only a few of us who drive them and we each cherish what we have. I've hit several local yards and only found two that have Rancheros with parts sort of worth getting, and the prices are pretty high. Bummer.
    Bob J.

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