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  1. PonyExpressRider

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    Sutherlin, OR
    What a disappointment!

    Ordered a couple of parts... the Horn pad I have been looking for and while I was at it decided to replace the original Emergency Brake Cable.

    The Horn pad, #365956 (70-73 Torino), looks right until attempting to fit it to the steering wheel... but doesn't fit over the horn ring. Its going back. DARN IT!

    The Brake cable, #64-39590, 176 in. long for Ranchero and Wagons, didn't take it out of the box until I confirmed my cable was that length, which it was! So, place the old next to the new, length is correct, but the new cable only has one frame to brake plate assembly... its the correct length but only able to put one side on! WTF? Thought it was just a defective assembly, it happens, but when I called Customer Service. The gentleman walks out to the warehouse, pulls another off the self. It too only has one side! So much for the picture in the catalog.
  2. Dyno

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    Bummer about the parts, but thanks for letting us all know about the issues.

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