Ranchero vs El Camino price

Discussion in 'Ranchero History' started by 65restomod, Oct 22, 2019.

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    In '85, when I was in Navy boot camp, my Company Commander had two nice Chevies, a '68 RS Camaro and a '68 SS 396 Elco. So I'm chatting with my squad leader about Senior Chief's ELCO, and I made the comment about wanting to offer him $3K cash for it (it was in primer), and as soon as Senior Chief walked out to take us to class, the squad leader told Senior Chief what I'd said. 1) I wanted to stick my size 14 so far up the squad leader's kazoo he'd taste bubble gum and dog crap; and 2) Senior Chief said "Not a chance," then laughed.
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    I've had different Rancheros since the new one I ordered in 71 when I got out of the Marine Corp. Later I had a 68, 77 and the 79 I've had for 26yrs. I don't care for the 60-65 downsized ones. That said there are a few years of the El Camino I wouldn't mind having.

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