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Discussion in 'General Ranchero Help' started by willy12844, Jan 12, 2014.

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    I have a 67 with a great looking bench seat, it seem to sag when I sit on it, probably from age and use. I know there is ways to re in force the seat. If anyone can give me ideas I'd greatly appreciate.
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    Had a old f100 that looked great and did the same thing, looked under the bench and one of the springs had broken, plus the foam was pretty wore out, so I took it to my seat guy and he had to reattach the broken springs, 2 total and installed new foam and I never had a problem with the seat again.
    So it may be worth unbolting it and checking it out.
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    Do you have the seat out of the truck? Thats the first step.
    Take the Backrests off of the lower cushion Frame.
    Remove the Seat Cover and supporting burlap and wire.
    Inspect the seat frame for broken springs and welds.
    Take it to a auto upholstery shop and get some new springs made if you need them or rob some off of an old seat.
    You will need some heavy Jute webbing to weave through the springs from left to right to help support the foam..
    Put burlap or some thin canvas over the webbing and seat frame to make sure the foam doesnt fall through the springs..

    You can get 2" foam cut to size at a local foam outfit of buy it online, get good HR quality firm/semi firm foam.

    Reinstall cover if the upholstery is good. If not, I can probably make one for you.

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