the last Ranchero ever built was???

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  1. Hi everyone...I just joined your group...I have a 69 and a 79...I have always wondered how close to the last one ever built, my 79 is... VIN 9H47H161885 and came from Seattle, Washington...can anyone help me with this question?...also, does the VIN tell me if the 351 in it is an M, a Cleveland or a Windsor...thks, Bruce
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    Ford would only know if it was last by thier sequence number. I really do not know how you could find out. Kevin Marti may have that information

    They did not put a Cleveland engine in any 79 Vehicle they stopped making the Cleveland in 1974.

    Just by theVin you would not be able to tell ifit wasa 351M or 351W. You have to look at the engine and figure out what you have. Easy to do.

    An easy to identify on the Fords is to count the number of retaining bolts on the valve covers. This should be the same for cars and trucks.

    6 bolts = 289/ 302/ 351Windsor
    8 bolts = Cleveland / Modified

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    The fifth digit in the VIN is the Engine code, "H" code is a 351 2v engine, for 1979 a "H" code could be either a 351 Windsor or a 351M. The Windsor will have 6 bolts on each Valve cover while the 351M will have 8 bolts per Valve cover. The last model year of Production for the 351 Cleveland was 1974. After 1974 the 351 Cleveland was replaced with a destroked version of the 400, the 351M. The last 6 digits of the VIN are the consecutive unit production number at the Assembly Plant for that Model year, there would need to be more information to determine as where that falls in line with the total Ranchero Production for that year and what was the number of the last Ranchero unit produced. I do not have that information but someone else might.
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    dearborn classics had told me that 79.5 was the last model built so you are probably close they said that model was all leather interior and that the interior was the only way to identify that check out and get the contact # call them they have been real helpful to me

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