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Discussion in 'Ranchero Vin Decoder/Production Numbers' started by Rancherous, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. RancheroGirl

    RancheroGirl Guest

    Awesome! Thanks to everyone for all the information.
  2. RancheroGirl

    RancheroGirl Guest

    Hi everyone. I think on the door panel it has a color code of 5a, does anyone know what that is?
  3. rohojo1

    rohojo1 Guest

    Color code 5A equates to Lt. Pewter Metalic color # 3314-A.
    Bob J
  4. Roxanne

    Roxanne Guest

    Hi all! Roxanne here from way down in New Zealand! Im needing some help with this vin thing!Ive got a 72 Ranchero.. that could also be a 73????
    Door panel is as follows.
    Body 97D
    Colour 3K
    Trim UB
    Trans U
    Axle 6
    Dso 71
    Manufacture 12/72
    The Vin code
    Have been looking at pictures of others and the grill shape on mine is way different from other 72's
    Thanks for your help!
  5. sarah

    sarah Pic Moderator Staff Member

    you have a 73 Roxanne...its an early production 73
    3K- blue
    u- C6 automatic
    6- 3.00 open gears
    97D-n ranchero 500
  6. trikar

    trikar In Maximum Overdrive

    San Bernardino Mountains
    UB=Med. Blue
    DSO 71=Los Angeles
    VIN 3A47S172298
    3=model year, 1973
    A=Assembly Plant, Atlanta
    47=Body type, Ranchero 500
    S=engine code, 400 2V
    172298 =consecutive unit number
  7. Roxanne

    Roxanne Guest

    Hey thanks! Confusion is over! When it was imported to New Zealand it was registered as a 72 for some reason. Im happpy az with it and so far the only thing that Ive had to do to it was 4 new shocks all round and a wheel alignment... Drove a bit like a bath full of water before that!
    Hope to get a photo up soon (when I figure out how!
  8. trikar

    trikar In Maximum Overdrive

    San Bernardino Mountains
    If you are having trouble posting the pictures, then you can email them to me and I will post them for you.
  9. ray55classic

    ray55classic Guest

    my 77gt donor car has a #1 axle ,trans i believe is w, serial #7a48h what gear,open or posi? my 79'serial is 9h47f the door panel says; body-97d, int trim-dd, ac-a, r-2,axle-2, tr-xmmaa.i can't read the paint code but i'm sure it was maroon/burgundy. any help is appreciated.....ray
  10. Rancherous

    Rancherous Administrator Staff Member

    Buffalo, NY
    As a rule of thumb on rearend codes if they are a Number they are Open Rear Ends if they are a letter they are limited slip.
  11. ray55classic

    ray55classic Guest

    thanks for that information,ranchero u.s. i apreciate it .....ray
  12. Rancherous

    Rancherous Administrator Staff Member

    Buffalo, NY
    A little bit more Ray there are a few optional axle ratios that are a letter as well but not limited slip. For instance my 73 Q code Torino has an axle code of A which is 3.50 gears that had to be ordered and was an option. But most cases that is an easy way of identification from the door codes.
  13. 98nd500

    98nd500 Guest

    My inside tag is as follows:Body-97D
    I figured out the VIN but am unsure about the rest. What is the DSO?
  14. rohojo1

    rohojo1 Guest

    Color 2B= Bright Red
    Trim CU= is this maybe a CY? is so = Light Grey/Gold Spring Knit/Corinth Vinyl
    Trans W= C4 Automatic
    Axle 3= 279:1 non limites slip (standard)
    DSO 25= District Code = Richmond, Virginia
    Bob J.
  15. 98nd500

    98nd500 Guest

    Thanks Bob, looks like everything on it is the way it came, pleased about that. The seat and door panels are gold/tan in color with a brown dash.
  16. selaga

    selaga Guest

    G'day from DownUnder.....

    I am awaiting arrival of my '71 GT Ranchero, and would like to know what the correct colour and trim is for my car, here is all of the info I could gather.....I have been told it is a genuine GT, burgundy, w/tan interior, 9" diff and FMX ?

    VIN - 1A48H1638**

    BODY- 66

    COL - B

    TRIM - GA

    AXLE - 6

    TRANS - W

    DSO - 54

    Looking forward to your replies.


  17. As Is '66

    As Is '66 2 Wheeled Mod Staff Member

    Southwest Georgia
    is all I can muster up...Dearborne catalog,is th source I used...
  18. georgiagator

    georgiagator Guest

    Maroon Metallic B

    Trim Code: ALL VINYL BENCH
    Color Code
    Black GA

    Transmission Code:Automatic
    Code Type
    W C-4

    Rear Axle Code: Conventional
    Code Ratio
    6 3.00

    District Code
    Code District
    54 Omaha

    VIN - 1A48H1638**

    Model Year Code:This is the model year of the vehicle. For 1971 it should be "1".

    Assembly Plant Code
    Code Plant
    A Atlanta

    Body Serial Code
    Code 48

    Engine Code:
    Code No. of Cyls. Displacement
    H 8 351-2v

    Numerical Sequence of Assembly:
  19. selaga

    selaga Guest

    Thanks guys,

    So it all checks out, a genuine GT except for the black trim, and possibly gearbox ??? Any easy way to tell a FMX from a C-4 ?
  20. Rancherous

    Rancherous Administrator Staff Member

    Buffalo, NY
    Well the FMX would be a code X in the spot where the W was. Here is a web page so you can identify what trans you have. You should be able to look under and match up your transmission pan.

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