Where can I find the VIN

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  1. on my 59' Ranchero - I am going to hunt for it tomorrow.

    And I just learned something today, right or wrong the jury is out but the numbers matching thing was done by Chevy and Ford didn't really follow with that... true?
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    You should be able to find your vin code on the dash by the windshield on the drivers side...normally where its put....maybe passenger...or on the door plate on the drivers side just inside the door jam...

    and the numbers matching statement is....when the engine and trans are what came with the truck from the factory.
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    For 1959-60 Ford the VIN plate is attached to the rear face of the driver’s door. And if it has been removed it might be stamped on the inner fender well.
    As for numbers matching, yes and no, I am not sure when ford started on all cars, but there is a partial vin number on the block, but heads/tranny/rearend there is a date code, thus matching numbers. Someone here can tell ya for sure on a 59. :cool:

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